Slot Overview from the Blirix Workshop

A quick Internet search was all it needed to establish that Blirix is not the name of an upcoming animated movie, book, or television character, but rather, an original creation of Iron Dog Studio. The protagonist of Blirix Workshop is an eccentric scientist who enjoys performing a little bit of alchemical transmutation. When he appears on the reels, he not only grants free games but also conjures up a number of modifiers via his handy magic book. It’s one of those adorable games with a weird premise and features that may be as annoying as they are exciting.

The real workshop where Blirix does his job is a nice location to relax and try your luck. A 5 reel, 15 payline action area is projected onto the screen from what appears to be a simmering blue cauldron. A cat relaxes on an armchair nearby as a mouse watches from a safe distance. Potions bubble away beneath him, and the area is strewn with skulls, books, and parchments. The environment, which is actually rather cozy, is given a touch of enchantment by the wonderfully minded soundtrack.

Create your own potions on your laptop or mobile device with bets as little as 20 percent and as high as $/€20. So we can get this out of the way: Blirix Workshop is not a very potent slot in Iron Dog’s arsenal. Low performance elements and weak victories also contribute to the medium volatility. They can’t all be silly brutes like Iron Dog, but we’re used to hearing a bit more grunt from him. Blirix is a lot more carefree, therefore it appeals to a different demographic than, say, fans of Iron Dog’s more serious Megaways slot machines. However, the 96.0% RTP should be satisfactory to most investors.

Three to five identical symbols from the leftmost reel provide winning combos. When we look at the paytable, we see that the lowest paying symbols are the red, green, orange, and purple jewelry pieces, while the highest earning symbols are the lanterns, hourglasses, potion container, and pipe. A payoff of 4–15 times the wager is awarded for a line of five high pay symbols. Keep an eye out for the icon that looks like Little Shop of Horrors’ Audrey Junior. If it hits on the bottom row, it will expand to span all slots and act as a wild card for all symbols except scatters and specials. A x2 multiplier is activated in addition to the wild if it is granted from the Book of Spells (discussed further below).

Blirix Studio Featured Slots

The Magic Book is a crucial symbol that appears exclusively on reel three. It’s wild for one thing, and when it lands, it activates the Book of Spells effect. When this mode is activated, a book will appear on top of the screen, and a modifier will be drawn at random from its pages. A symbol swap, additional wilds, or a multiplier of up to x5 are all possibilities. Each spell has a power level, ranging from 1 to 4, with the higher numbers conferring greater benefits.

Until the free spins feature is activated, the modifiers do not affect the gameplay. The RTP is increased to 96.4% when the bonus purchase feature is used, or when 3, 4, or 5 Blirix scatters appear, awarding 10, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively. During free games, the third reel will collect symbols for a cauldron. The Cauldron Combo Bonus is activated when 15 symbols are collected. Here, the pot’s symbols are used to respin the reels and calculate potential winnings.

During the bonus round, spells cast from books symbols are augmented by a significant number. You may use them to turn low-paying cauldron symbols into high-paying ones, to add wilds to the cauldron, to increase the number of free spins, or to introduce a global multiplier. Keep in mind that all of the spells from the main game may be used here as well. Finally, 3, 4, or 5 scatters result in 5, 10, or 15 more free games.

Slot Judgment from the Blirix Workshop

Unfortunately, Blirix was unable to fully polish the features and modifiers of his creation, and they still retain the feel of a prototype. Some extra “oomph” may have been used from an additional newt’s eye or frog’s toe. Let’s begin with the modifiers, which provide two problems—or perhaps annoyances is a better word—inherently. Worryingly, they don’t make many adjustments when called upon. The other annoyance is the ineffectiveness of a trigger modifier.

For instance, if a multiplier were awarded for a specific symbol type but no such symbol combination appeared on the reels, the award would be null and void. Still, you have to watch an animation to learn that you won’t be receiving anything. Unfortunately, despite Blirix Workshop’s nice atmosphere created by its charming visuals, any positive feelings you could have for the program rapidly dissipate as wave after wave of useless features tests your patience. Pace, spell count, and potential payout all improve during free spins, but triggering them requires extreme patience. When used, maybe they will help you regain some of your equilibrium after being shaken around.

A more robust set of features, more frequent free spins, and a less tedious base game would have elevated Blirix Workshop to the next level. The target audience, however, could enjoy it just the same. Blirix is a great option if all you care about is spinning the reels in a cute setting. Avoid Blirix if the thought of seeing a series of slow-paced animated films that ultimately amount to nothing makes your blood boil.