Evaluation of Sweet Alchemy

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Play N Go’s soon-to-be-released slot, Sweet Alchemy slot, may be right for you if you have a sweet tooth and don’t mind a little magic with your candy. Similar to the famous Reactoonz slot, this candy-themed slot from the same developer offers a cascading reels arrangement. In Sweet Alchemy, the reels are linked to a Sugar Rush Meter and a power boost that, the more you advance, the more rewards you’ll receive. If you’re interested in learning more about this potentially dangerous game and where you might be able to play it online in the near future, keep reading our comprehensive review.

Slot machine options in Sweet Alchemy

The symbols of the Sweet Alchemist slot machine are all related to sugar and take the form of sugar cubes, sugar cones, and various shaped pastilles. Your spin will result in a win and fill the Sugar Rush Meter if you land on clusters of 4 or more symbols.

Three types of wild symbols, identified by their respective names (‘regular wild,”striped wild,’ and ‘dotted wild’), will also be included in the grid.

Slot machine’s Sugar Rush Meter Bonus in “Sweet Alchemy”

When the Sugar Rush Meter reaches six symbols during a round, two normal wilds will be added to the grid, increasing the chance of a win by one.

Once the Sugar Rush Meter has been filled with 13 symbols, 2 Striped wilds will replace 2 symbols on the grid, clearing the whole row or column of symbols. The Sugar Rush Meter will increase in proportion to the number of symbols that have been deleted.

In contrast, if the Sugar Rush Meter fills up with a total of 25 symbols during a gaming round, two dotted wilds will appear, substituting for two random symbols on the grid to produce further wins and eliminating all instances of one random symbol.

Finally, the ‘Mix the Elixir Free Round’ with its three ‘candy spells’ will be activated if the Sugar Rush Meter is filled with 38 symbols during a gaming round. You’ll gain one extra candy spell during the bonus round for every three symbols you collect from now on, up to a maximum of seven. For this free game, a 9×9 grid is used, and an alchemist off to the side will start casting candy-related spells to assist players win the Elixir of Power bonus. The confectionery spells include the following components:

Assorted Candies: The grid’s symbols are mixed around to give you a shot at fresh combinations.

The sweet surprise is that anywhere from seven and twelve wild symbols will suddenly emerge on the grid, wiping out the corresponding regular symbols.

The Sugar Bomb randomly erases seven to fifteen regular symbols.

The Elixir of Power is the game’s bonus round.

The goal of Mix the Elixir’s free round is to gather a certain number of two distinct symbols so that players may unlock the next level. To win, players must uncover three identical bottles of elixir from a grid made of chocolate squares. After the free round is over, if you’ve completed the first level, you’ll receive the Elixir of Power Bonus. Elixir of Power bonus awards increase in size and quality at reaching level 2, and this trend persists when reaching level 3. The possible rewards at each tier are as follows:

Level 1:

Double the Money on the Hook

Multiply the Total Bet by 3

5 Times the Total Wager

Two-Fold Victory

Triple Victory

Level 2:

Multiply the Total Bet by 3

5 Times the Total Wager

multiplied by ten (10) for total wagers

Triple Victory

Five Times as Successful

Level 3:

5 Times the Total Wager

multiplied by ten (10) for total wagers

Triple Victory

Five Times as Successful

An Overall Victory Rate of 10x

Once the player has collected all of the free rounds, he will go forward on a map and receive a treasure box every three levels. If you open this chest, you’ll get 15 percent of your basic game earnings from the time the last chest was opened. That was a rather satisfying conclusion to a fairly involved extra round.

Slot bonus sweetened by Alchemy

If all that seems too complicated, and you just want to play Sweet Alchemy slot with free money, then you should probably take advantage of the casino’s slot bonus offer. You may play the games at our recommended casinos with extra bonus monies before you use up your own money because many of them give deposit match bonuses of up to 200% on your initial deposit.

Sweet Alchemy Slots – Where to Play

Slot machine payout percentage, volatility, and jackpot information for Sweet Alchemy

When the Sweet Alchemy slot machine launches in March, gamers will be able to wager anywhere from 10 pence to 100 pounds. The game offers a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.52% and a maximum win potential of 3000x the wager. Be wary of getting swept away by the film’s syrupy aesthetics, though. Sweet Alchemy is a high-volatility slot machine, so it may not pay out as often as you’d like. However, players who are fortunate enough to make it through the extra features will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Pictures and sounds in the Alchemist slot machine

The bright and comical visuals of the Sweet Alchemy slot, which are reminiscent of the immensely famous Candy Crush, will grab your attention right away. This sophisticated game is accompanied by a humorous music, and the female alchemist to the right of the reels will continuously commenting on what’s occurring anytime one of the features is triggered, so that you can keep track of what’s going on!

Slot machine sweet alchemy: our verdict

Sweet Alchemy is a high-volatility slot with a fun (if complicated) gameplay, so long as you don’t mind the plethora of brightly colored symbols on the reels. Not only is this game a lot of fun to play, but it also offers substantial prizes to those who are able to make it through its extra features and stages. To increase your chances of winning some sweet prizes, grab a bowl of sweets and play at one of our UK casino sites beginning March 22nd, 2018!